We welcome all owners of a Citroen Mehari to get in touch and join us for social events in 2019. Our grand event day for this year is scheduled for Saturday 20 July, and will largely follow our usual successful formula from previous years (see 2018 summary). The day is very social, with interesting meeting venues, a fun drive through picturesque Menorcan countryside and towns, our popular timed track competition at Karting Mahon with trophy cup prize and super tapas supper. Do join us again this year. Put the date in your diary now!

buying a Mehari

We often get enquiries to purchase or rent a Mehari. Unfortunately these cars come up quite rarely for sale in Menorca, but you could get lucky, so keep your ears and eyes open! We cannot really recommend any places to buy, but they have been sold in Mahon and Sant Lluis.

renting a Mehari

As far as we know, there are now no companies in Menorca that make Meharis available for hire. The cars are now generally quite elderly and need some looking after, and so rental stresses make this impractical.