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rent or buy a mehari

In Menorca, Méharis come up for sale occaisionally to buy:  from service garages or through private sale.

As far as we know, there is NO RENTAL SERVICE for Méharis in Menorca. If you see any such services, please let us know!. See our notes below.

As far as we know, there are no companies in Menorca that make Mé
haris available for hire - either for normal car-rental tourism or for special occasion rental - for example, weddings or special events. Most of these Méhari cars are now generally vintage and need careful handling, and so the natural stresses of public rental make rental service impractical. For weddings, you could perhaps ask someone who owns a car to see if they would be willing to drive their own car for the event (with no fee, and no liabilities). As you can imagine, no owner would lend a vintage car without the protection of public and business insurances. If we find any business that offers a 'Méhari rental service', we will post it here! Please let us know if you find such a company in Menorca, or if you own such a company!

We often get enquiries to purchase a Méhari. These cars come up quite rarely for sale in Menorca (and we have heard there are some waiting lists), so keep your ears and eyes open! They have been sold in Mahon and Sant Lluis, but more are available in mainland Spain or France.

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