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Our Menorca Méhari Club is open to all people of all nationalities who wish to join.

We have friends from Menorca, Spain, France, Czechoslovakia and more! Owning a Méhari car is not necessarily a requirement, but knowing friends with a Méhari car based in Menorca is probably essential!

Menorca hari Club is free to join on application and approval. However we would greatly appreciate any contributions to help cover costs - for instance for the maintenance and ongoing costs of the website, online forum and marketing.

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This is a non-professional club for amateur owners of Mehari cars in Menorca. It's a not-for-profit organisation only created for social and interested users, with no affiliations with companies, but nevertheless would appreciate help from any sponsorships to cover costs. Please get in contact!

We do hope you join us to get involved each year to support our annual Menorca Méhari Event Day and join us on other social events, to use the new online forum for information and to connect with other car owners, and to follow our new Instagram page.

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We do not sell, or have any Méhari cars for rent. There are no rental companies in Menorca for Méharis.

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team méhari

The two Davids met and teamed up in 2013 to organise the annual

Menorca Mehari Rally, other events and develop the club.


Founder / El Gran Queso

David re-formed the Méhari club in 2012, founding the present day Menorca Méhari Club. Mostly spending winters in Bristol and summers in Menorca, David plans and organises events. He has enjoyed the delights of Menorca for over 20 years and is a keen owner of a distinctive blue Méhari.


Media Production / Organiser

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David is a graphic designer and artist who has visited Menorca since he was a teenager. He joined David Bell in 2013, helping with the club events and building a website in 2017. As well as developing events, he runs the website, communications and marketing.

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friendly events for everyone

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the map below is only to indicate the island of Menorca  and not an actual club address

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The Menorca Mahari Club website has been translated for your convenience using translation software powered by Google Translate. The English version of the website is the official version, please refer to this for the original text.

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